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Meet Our Exceptional Leadership Team

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals offers decades of collective real estate and community development experience. Through an in-depth understanding of community planning and residential market demand, our team strives to create desirable communities within the country’s most sought-after cities and neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on creating homes complete with unparalleled service and worry-free convenience, making the “American Dream” a reality for families at any stage of life.

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Ross

Richard's career spans four decades in the real estate industry and his journey is rooted in a profound family legacy. His father, a highly successful homebuilder, instilled in him an innate passion for the field. Richard spent some of the earlier part of his career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and soon returned to his family roots in the real estate industry. This detour helped Richard gain valuable knowledge that would later prove to be a cornerstone of his success, allowing him to approach real estate with a unique financial perspective and strategic insight.

Richard earned experience working at prominent real estate organizations, including Branch Properties and Trade Street Residential (NYSE:TSRE). During those tenures, he was able to hone in on his leadership style characterized by fairness, integrity, and collaborative team and work environments.

As an industry leader, Richard has years of experience serving on the board for several public companies. Over his career, Richard has served as a Director at various NYSE-listed companies, including Plymouth Industrial REIT, Independence Realty Trust, and Cedar Realty Trust. Through serving on these public boards, Richard learned the intricacies of navigating complex public markets and balancing the interests of diverse shareholders to ensure growth and success within the competitive real estate industry.

Chief Operating Officer

Colleen Yeager

With a career spanning over four decades Colleen has excelled across private, REIT, and third-party management sectors. Her proficiency extends to new construction projects, lease-up strategies, and substantial renovations of both interior and exterior aspects of properties. A highly-motivated, collaborative, and self-monitoring leader, Colleen has used her knowledge and expertise to guide companies to IPO status and successfully navigate mergers. Her financial acumen and adaptability shine in dynamic business environments, making her a seasoned and impactful leader in the real estate industry. Colleen earned experience holding key roles at prominent real estate organizations including Invitation Homes and Equity Residential, where she served as Vice President of Operations, Sr. Regional Manager, and Regional Asset Manager, respectively.

As an experienced leader with both start-up and stabilized portfolios, Colleen has collaborated and facilitated the financial management, acquisitions, and dispositions of over 5,000 single-family residential homes. Throughout Colleen’s career, her initiatives have resulted in improved employee engagement, streamlined processes, and reduced turn expenses for her teams. Colleen is passionate about effectively teaching her team every day and is fueled by her peers’ successes.

Chief Investment Officer

James Howley, CFA

With a career spanning over a decade, James has earned both institutional real estate and finance experience through his work across several sectors, including residential, hospitality and data centers. James is a creative problem-solver who is passionate about residential real estate, and has developed a keen ability to understand local real estate markets, trends, and valuations. James’ journey in the real estate and financial industries is rooted in an early interest in financial markets. Gravitated to real estate given the hyper-local nature of the business, James embarked on a career path combining both interests.

Before joining Quinn Residences, James earned experience holding key roles at prominent real estate investment organizations including QTS Realty Trust (NYSE: QTS) and Real Estate Management Services Group, where he served as Director of Strategic Planning and Investments and Senior Investment Analyst, respectively. In these roles, James was responsible for supporting corporate and strategic finance functions including financial planning and analysis, budgeting, capital markets, investor relations, and strategic initiatives. James also earned experience with originating and underwriting investments in publicly-traded real estate real estate, with a focus on the residential and hospitality spaces.

SVP - Accounting & Reporting

Andrew Hughes

With over 15 years of extensive financial and accounting expertise, Andrew brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sectors. His career journey encompasses roles as a Certified Public Accountant in California and various managerial positions in global corporations. Andrew’s career in financial industries is rooted in an early interest in accounting as the language of business. With close family members who are CPAs, Andrew was drawn to the career path, knowing what possibilities the career allowed his family.

Andrew's expertise lies in analytical thinking, detail-oriented leadership, and a results-driven approach, honed through his experience in opening international offices and creating structured reporting environments. Before joining Quinn Residences, Andrew gained valuable insights at several firms including Ferroglobe PLC, where he served as Controller of Business Operations. Andrew attributes his ability to create a more structured reporting environment to his experience navigating both the public and private sectors.

Andrew’s pivotal experiences, including opening the London office and representing the company in a Canadian trade tribunal, shaped his perspective on international finance and operations and underscored the importance of embracing new ideas and approaches, particularly when integrating diverse cultures.

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